Our aim is to become the launching pad for small businesses to help them launch into greatness
through thorough and affordable digital marketing strategies

The lifeline story

There was once upon a time when marketing was the preserve of the high and mighty. Where the small business owners stood not a chance and were crashed. Limited they were to their own market reach. Then came forth the era of digitization and the marketing dimensions shifted significantly.

However its complicated nature made it difficult to maneuver and still the professionals were as expensive in offering their services.

Then came the birthing of Lifeline. No more would small business owners remain small, Lifeline Content Solutions has a vision aligned with a goal to be the launching pad of small businesses to greatness through thorough and affordable digital marketing strategies

Our after sale service as well allows you to gain control of your business market reach potential. It's time to become a big business owner in all aspects. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Meet the team

We are all about business through engagement.
We want to be the go-to content strategists and creators in Africa.

We are here to throw a lifeline to your business’ or brand's online presence.

We strategically create an online content strategy with you. We will take time to understand your goals and audience. This way, we get to find the content that they can relate with best. This is what makes us the best content firm in Nairobi, Kenya. Beyond that, we have 12 years combined experience within the team. We ensure excellence and professionalism in all our work. We are always looking for ways to get better at our craft. Our favourite part? Our clients attest to our value. Yes, you can ask them.
Are you a business owner? Ad agency? PR agency? Web designer? Individual? Are you looking for a creative, professional and experienced company to help you create an online presence, reach and engage your audience, as well as increase your revenues? Are you looking for well-crafted content? Is it a blogpost you need written? An advertorial? Video Script? Newsletter? Social media content? Whatever it is in the big world of content marketing. We do it, and we do it very strategically. It all begins with working with you to create a content strategy.


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