Abby Nduta’s Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio.
Here are the web design projects for 2016:

Starting with my very own company website

I designed this with a view to connect with our potential clients.

People relate with people. I wanted our clients to feel that they were working with other humans, just like them.

I-CLEAN_EAST_AFRICA_Profi-001 ed 2


We were looking to tell the clients what the value propositions were.

Well thought out planning and decoration, themes that represented the occasion very well, hygienic and safe equipment.

The colours we chose were a representation of the business' customer segments. We tried to find the balance between the events equipment that would cater for children needs (thus the bright red and blue) and events equipment that would cater for adults' events (for instance family occasions). For the latter, we chose green to relate it with the outdoors, the environment where some of the events would happen.

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