What is Facebook advertising? My Two Cents

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October 9, 2017
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So, here is my two cents on Facebook advertising.  It is largely a transcription of my online course on Zydii. See here: Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook advertising?

Advertising means there is a money aspect to it. It means that you are paying Facebook to show your ad to a group of people whom you get to choose.

You can choose by location, gender, language, and many other aspects.

According to research, 80% of people will consult before they take any action regarding a purchase. They are highly likely to consult friends and family. Today, they will also take a look online, before they go to a physical shop, store or office.

They want to find out what you have, what is your price, who your competitors are.

That means that if your competitor’s Facebook page is well updated, the content is relevant and uses the keywords that people are using to look for the product or brand, they are ahead of you.

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