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June 17, 2017
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About Digital Marketing in Kenya

Hello people, this week we look at a few FAQs with regards to digital marketing in Kenya. Let’s dive right in.

Which is the best digital marketing agency in Kenya?

Which is the best? That’s a tough one, mainly because ‘the best’ is relative. Obviously there are those that have the best annual returns and most clients, but could or should that be the measure of an all rounded digital marketing agency? What about those that deliver the best results? Remember some digital marketing agencies give good service but are not necessarily on the map to attract that mammoth a crowd. There is also the aspect of client satisfaction pre and post service; in finality to come up with the title the best would be subjective to what one as an individual looks for in a successful firm. Too ambiguous a task.

How much would affordable digital marketing in Kenya cost?

Well it depends. Some digital marketing agencies in Kenya have already made a brand for themselves and feel it is well within their purview to charge more than the ‘less successful’ agencies. There is no standard fee that is market set for all Kenyan digital agencies to abide by. It would also depend on the service that one wants undertaken, remember digital marketing is a very broad field of engagement and with it comes diverse forms of services. We do believe that digital marketing in Kenya is affordable you just have to look keenly and you will find the right agency that suits your marketing budget.

Does digital marketing in Kenya really have potential?

Digital marketing is really not a new field as most assume, it has been around for more than two decades. Though it has not been that long a period in its establishment in Africa it definitely has the growth potential. Think of it this way we have more than a million Kenyans who are online on a daily basis, most of them being on social media. This refers to the market capability and reach that digital marketing is exposed to. We have more people getting smartphones as they continue to become cheaper which in turn increases the market online. Though most digital marketers especially in Kenya are still understanding the full breadth of the field it’s safe to say it will only grow by the year.

What are the best ways to market my mobile app in Kenya?

The best way and the most convenient to market any product in Kenya today is through digital marketing. First of all it is the cheapest form of marketing available, you can advertise on Facebook for as low as 101.01 Kshs a day. It is the best means to reach your target market being that the product itself is a digital service, most importantly you get to choose who exactly sees your product thus narrowing down your pool of potentials and maximizing on the right group.


What are things to look for in a Kenyan digital marketing agency?

Kenyan digital marketing agencies are not homogeneous. This means even though they are engaged in the same field of service delivery how they do it is as different as any other field of expertise. Though some pointers would be that they would be more focused on social listening on trends. It goes without saying that most of their clients will be Kenyan or will want their services marketed to Kenyans. Thus having an understanding of what the Kenyan wants makes it possible to be able to communicate to them in their ‘language’.


Written by Lewis Maina,

Head Content,

Lifeline Content Solutions


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