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By far the most persistent question among many an entrepreneur especially ones who have just entered the market is, “how do I effectively scale my business?”

How can I use digital marketing to scale my business?

The inevitable answer is always Strategic Marketing. It has for sometime now been established that traditional marketing avenues in the form of TV commercials and Newspaper ads are increasingly becoming redundant and archaic.

How effective are traditional marketing options?

They do not deliver effectively to the target audience yet their expense heavily outweigh the benefit. It is with this understanding that businesses are heavily becoming dependent on a much more modern means of targeted marketing. Digital Marketing.

So why is it important for small business owners to understand and incorporate digital marketing in their marketing strategy?

Do you have an online marketing strategy?

                                         The Internet

We have more people connected to the Internet today than we had a decade ago, and this number continues to rise steadily. Practically every aspect of living is being carried out online, bank transactions, product purchases and even relationships.

How can you leverage the internet?

We have become the online generation. Thus the majority of target markets for most businesses have a big part of their lives heavily dependent on the Internet. So what exactly does the Internet have to offer?

A website that ranks in search results


Websites have become integral for any entrepreneur looking to penetrate the online sphere. They are like the entrepreneur’s virtual shop, accessible to all.

A good website however should be optimized to be user friendly, it should effectively fit any screen, which at any particular point in time might be used to access it. This ensures that potential clients feels comfortable enough to continue looking through your products online. It should be easy to navigate and most importantly should be optimized for search engine searches.

Will I get a Return on Investment?

Statistics show that most consumers looking for a product online rarely go past the second page of results. Thus ranking highly on searches is an added advantage.

Having a website also gives you a chance to track potential customers who visit your page. Through analytic tools you can be able to key in on specific targets based on data made available through these tools about your product interactions with clients.

How effective is social media marketing in Kenya?

Social Media

Social Media has drastically changed how people interact online. Yet lacking basic knowledge on how to market your product makes it very difficult to reap its benefits. Social Media has given the entrepreneur a pool of consumer beyond bounds. Social Media has also provided targeted advertising enabling an entrepreneur to market directly to the target audience and with exquisite precision.

How important is a social media presence?

Social Media also offers you feedback on how well your strategy is performing, this is through analytic tools providing data on demographics of your target audience. This enables the entrepreneur to be better informed about working strategies and under performing ones.

Email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another perk that has been made possible through the digital/technological evolution. Email marketing is especially an important tool while doing follow ups on both existing clients and potential clients who are yet to convert to customers.

Email marketing provides a direct link between you and the client, enabling you to inform them immediately when an offer is available or when discounts are being provided for particular products.

All in all

Digital Marketing has revolutionized how business is done especially  with regards to marketing for the last two decades. It continues to grow as it continuously stifles the traditional way of doing things. The beauty that makes it such a profitable endeavor is its cheap nature while giving a very promising return. Digital marketing is the way of the modern entrepreneur.

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