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January 18, 2017
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The About us page is hands down going to be one of the most important pages on your website for prospective clients to engage with on a personal level . The About us is like a summary biography of your business, a memoir of your enterprise to potential customers and thus should be as personalized as possible. What does is take to make an impressive About-Us?


An important fact that follows About-Us pages is the need for specificity and the importance of being brief and to the point. An About-Us page is not a blog and thus should not be treated like one on whatever circumstance. Usually when a client lands on an About-Us page on your website they usually are interested in understanding your business on a personal level. A bulky barrage of information will dissuade reading till the end, alternatively entice scheming which is always a precursor to skipping relevant information. Thus a specific message should be the nature of your About-Us page.


The About-Us page is not a philosophical dissertation. Complicating the About-Us page is usually a very big fail among many an online business. The About-Us should embody as layman a descriptive nature as possible. You want to talk to a client about your business, your experiences, your special attributes, thus you should ensure that the information is submitted in a simplified yet ordered manner.

Audience specific

The most important thing about any business is understanding its niche market. Thus when you’re writing up your About-Us page you should be market conscious. Who am I talking to? This goes a long way in helping structure your wording and also helps in  aiding the kind of tone to use on your page. Understanding your audience as well helps to avoid generalizations that would otherwise put you off as just another fishing business throwing around bait for just anyone. Being certain about the audience you’re servicing helps you to be able to connect on a personal level with the outside market. The more the client feels you understand them the more easily they’ll trust you’ll deliver.

Personal Appeal

Ensure that your About-Us page is as personal as it can be. Write in the first person, always depict as close attachment to your business as you possibly can. Describe the nature of your business to mean more to you than just another place you happen to own an office. When clients h

int at a personal connection between the business and the owner it creates a sense of trust and perception of someone who believes in what they are doing. A potential client is more willing to engage with you if they feel they trust you enough to provide top notch services and products at least for your business’s sake.


The portfolio will be a very detrimental aspect of your About-Us page. Here you get to give a description of your experience, you get to name brands that you’ve interacted and served successfully. It is at this part as well where you can put commendations by previously satisfied clients describing the experience of working with you. This gives validity and breeds trust among your potential and prospective clients. If you have celebrity endorsements this would be the best suited place to mention it, it would do a great justice to your marketing efforts.

We could not possibly have covered each and every thread of writing an effective About-Us page but the above are some of the most crucial.

In conclusion

The About-Us page is a very detrimental part of your website. A page that describes who you are as an enterprise and brand. A page where you create a connection with a total stranger to convert them to a client. It thus goes without saying a lot of time and personal effort and soul searching is to be put in while working on it. The About-Us page is where you build that level of trust to make a potential client to be convinced of your competence. The About-Us page is that proverbial first impression, make it count.

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