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April 18, 2016
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Advertising on Facebook is your ideal digital marketing strategy. This is rather obvious, being the most populous social media platform globally. As simply put as it might sound, it’s a little more complicated than that. Let’s try to make sense of the basics you need to start an effective campaign on the giant social site.

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  1. Have a purpose targeted budget.

Well, you might have sniffed out that ad campaigns are not free. For the sake of the few (highly unlikely) who might not have realized this, advertising on Facebook is NOT FREE. That said, it doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. What you are willing to spend is exactly what you will spend. So, have a considerable starting budget, of course it’s bound to change with need, but begin with the little you have. You can set up an ad with as little as 5$.

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2. Ad targeting

Once you’ve settled on a workable budget for your campaign ad, you will need to establish your market/target audience. Being as specific as you possibly can will go a long way in achieving optimum efficiency and good results. Does your ad target women or men? People in a particular geographical region? A crowd of a certain interest cluster? The more specific the target audience is, the more effective the ad campaign. In some cases understanding your competition will also help narrow in on your specific niche market.

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3. Create multiple ad sets

The principle of stashing your eggs in the same basket comes into play in this instance. Everyone knows that that’s a terrible idea. So while setting up your campaign, you will need to have multiple ad sets, but with a similar goal. The sets will be distinct in specifics like population or geographical orientation. For example, you could have an ad set that targets a particular geographical population (local) yet when it comes to age group you focus on a millennial age bracket. You would then put up a similar ad that focuses on the same geographical area but on a specific gender. This way, you will be able to determine the better performing ad and the population you should focus on more diligently

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4. Ad optimization

This follows up on the former point on diversifying distinctly with a variety of ad sets. Having a variety makes it possible to optimize your ad according to performance. If for instance a particular ad set shows significant promise due to, maybe its distinction in terms of gender or age specificity, as compared to the other ad sets, you might require to twitch the remaining ad sets to assume a similar pattern for better results. Alternatively, you might consider budget optimization where you cut the budget size of the less productive ad sets and add the extra funds to the more promising set.

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5. Regular checkups

Much as the ad campaigns run effectively with minimal supervision, it would be very wise and greatly advisable to have a regular scheduled pattern preferably of (8-12hrs) where you log in to the ad manager to look at the ad sets progress. This will especially save you money on the poorly performing ads. You can opt out and pause predominant poor performers, or adjust accordingly the budget but be mindful to not be impatient, let the ads take root before you decide to make any significant changes but if and when push comes to shove make significantly less drastic changes, for instance don’t completely reduce an ad set after 24hrs of a stagnating performance, do so in a mindful manner putting into consideration the odds might shift considerably.

The above of course are just a tip of the iceberg in Facebook ad campaigns but basically give you a nudge and a rough understanding what you’re getting started on especially if you’re a beginner in Facebook ad campaigns.

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