5 Real Reasons why you Need Content

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April 18, 2016
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Maybe you are wondering why you need content for your business. What on earth are all these content marketers for? Content creation?

The world of online advertising is quickly driving traditional advertising into extinction. Online content is quickly phasing out previous modes of traditional product marketing.

Reaching your customers via content marketing

Being an online based business, unique content in product placement is the tactical approach lacking to monopolize the online village.

More than 70% of businesses, both startups and established corporates, have online platforms. Kudos. But only a small fraction attains the expected results. The decisive factor: content muscle and uniqueness.

So, after all these complicated and serious business terms, let us tell you why you need content. This is for you, for as long as you have an online audience.

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Online marketing focuses on value, a priceless endeavor. It does not necessarily have to be out of financial reach

Online marketing, and more specifically content, cares about your budget. Why break the bank just to have traffic to your website? A larger client base? Or a more engaged audience?


What are your clients looking for? How to fix their car, without necessarily calling the mechanic? How to style their hair? Are you providing this valuable information to them? If not, check out your competitor’s website or social media page.

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How reliable and consistent is the information that you give to your audience? Can your audience trust you? Do they see you as human, just as they are?


So, you have a great product. Or you are the go to person/brand/business for a particular service. Your clients are looking for you. Can you be found? Or are you on page 10 of Google?

Target Audience

Who is your target market? Who are you aiming at reaching? Which area of advertising are you eyeing to expand? Have you defined your audience? Have you narrowed down to their demographics? Do you know what works for each segment of your audience?

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